Enza Valente

I turn moments
into art

Enza Valente has always had a single passion since childhood: drawing.
Her educational journey naturally led her from the Academy of Fine Arts in Lecce to graphic and illustration schools, like the International Institute of Comics and the IED in Rome.
Her professional experience expanded significantly when she began working for the newspaper La Repubblica, where she focused on Design, Fashion, Motors, and Lifestyle for 8 years.
Her love for fashion and events eventually led her into the world of live illustration, which is what Enza does today, travelling throughout Italy. She creates portraits of wedding guests or corporate event attendees in a fashion sketch style while they sip their cocktails.
Drawing in close contact with people makes her appreciate her work even more. Enza loves to entertain them and make them feel comfortable while being portrayed.


Making your
event unique


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Live sketching

Through live sketching, guests not only enjoy a moment of pure entertainment while being portrayed, but they also have the opportunity to witness an artist at work and take home a completely personalized illustration.
Enza creates sketches based on the guests’ requests, and they don’t need to remain in a fixed pose but can chat and enjoy a drink while being portrayed.
Each drawing is completed in just a few minutes, preventing any boredom and building excitement for the final result.


Wedding Favours

By selecting the favours service, the newlyweds will have original and exclusive favours to give to their guests on their special day, adding an element of surprise to the entertainment! Enza uses a mix of watercolours, markers, and ink to create individual portraits for couples, singles, or family groups and packages them individually.
Guests take home an indelible memory of the day, the emotion of being portrayed live, and their entirely personalized artwork.

People don't buy products and services, but relationships, stories, and magic

Seth Godin

Corporate events

Enza offers her creativity for corporate events, openings, and parties.
Customers expect personalized experiences with the companies and brands they interact with.
Indeed, 99% of marketing professionals agree that personalization enhances customer relationships.
For these types of events, Enza can create portraits of guests, personalize gadgets, paint on various surfaces like canvas or shop windows.
Guests will enjoy the event and feel like part of an experience they will be delighted to share on social media, creating online buzz.

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